Hannah produces exceptional works of art for the home, commercial environment or public space.

Based in the Cayman Islands and the UK, Hannah draws on the movements, shapes, colours and textures around her to produce inspired work whatever the location.

Hannah's styles and skills reflect her journey from the English countryside to the Caribbean. On route, she has been trained by her own hard work, perseverance and experiences - whilst seeking guidance from such eminent artists as William Cochran, who commented,

"Hannah Cook is a thoroughly professional artist with a vibrant, magical style. Her dedication and focus are expressed in every project she executes. She is versatile and imaginative, with strong creative instincts that allow her to capture the essence of her subjects and lift the mood of all who see her work. A true artist in every sense of the word".

Celebrated illustrator James Gurney has described Hannah's work thus...

"...let me say how impressed I am with Hannah's work. Her color and drawing is gorgeous, and it would be a privilege to live in a house that is graced with her work".

Hannah has a keen design eye, which combines elements of the clients' thoughts, the environment and the medium. As a result her work is beyond narrow definition - each style contributing to her skills as well as containing subtle markers of her outstanding ability with brush, trowel or tile cutter.

Clients of Hannah

" Hannah's work has transformed my home and guests are forever asking me where such beautiful work has come from"
Linda Lopez - Grand cayman

" It was an absolute pleasure to have Hannah work in my home and create such wonderful rooms for my children. I would love her to continue through the entire house!"
Leslie Bergstrom - Grand cayman

"The quality of finishes that Hannah produced for me was astonishing and way beyond my expectations. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants that special magic in their home."
Phillippa Clark - United Kingdom

"My home has been enhanced in value and style since Hannah worked her magic on it"

Pam Collingwood - United Kingdom